hybrid carrageenans

We recommend DANGEL 4300 line of hybrid carrageenans. The DANGEL 4300 line comprises high quality hybrid carrageenans - the new generation of DAN-POL products. They are recommended in particular for injection and immersion brines used both in the production of smoked, whole-muscle and restructured meat.

Hybrid carrageenans show an extremely high affinity to meat proteins, having a synergetic effect with other functional additives such as animal and soy proteins (collagen and milk proteins), starches, gums, and fibres commonly used in processing. They are versatile and offer many methods of application. They may be added while chopping, mixing, and as an ingredient of curing brines, both for injection and immersion. In thixotropic (pseudoplastic) solutions, they have a limited sedimentation and reduce deposition of other brine ingredients such as proteins, starches etc. on injector filters.

Hybrid carrageenans in vacuum-packed, MAP, and CAP products significantly reduce the quantities of deposits resulting from the syneresis of protein and hydrocolloid matrix. They form a stable gel even during high-temperature heat processing, thanks to which they may used in the manufacture of sterilised canned meats. They are also an excellent additive to cooked sausages and high-yield formed deli meats. When used in smoked meats, they ensure high final yields.