championship obliges...

... there is a certain magic in what we do together,
thank you for being with us

Our philosophy

Everything began in the year 1981. Hard times and difficult emotions: revolt, will to fight, chaos, confusion, anger. For many of us sport was an escape from the surrouding reality. In cinemas ‘Enter The Dragon’ was on, the film which became cult for the young wishing for a change in life.They were fascinated with karate bringing in the exotics and climate of the Far East, which posed an alternative, showed a different life philosophy. It was then that the adventure of my life began-the adventure with karate, the sport which accompanies me to this day.

‘DAN’ in the company name is no coincidence. This term refers to the black belt which is associated with mastership; and mastership obligates.

The logo of DAN-POL company features a shogun – a symbol of harmony, calmness, and ethics. These values are with us every day, both in our private and professional life.For us karate is life philosophy, heritage of wisdom from which we draw.
Professional morality and ethics are essential for all our business contacts- because mastership obligates.

Krzysztof Majka