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... jest coś magicznego w tym co robimy razem,
dziękujemy, że jesteście z nami


Dear Sirs/Madams,
DAN-POL has been in business for 15 years, manufacturing and providing our customers with top-quality products to guarantee their full satisfaction and health safety.
To meet the needs of consumers interested in traditional products at affordable prices, DAN-POL has created DAN EXTRA MAX HARMONIA, an injection brine (used for smoked meats) which helps obtain high yields and retain the natural appearance anhd structure of meat, without any carrageenan deposits. The unique formula of DAN EXTRA MAX HARMONIA brine also assures longer shelf-life of the finished product.
DAN EXTRA MAX HARMONIA will help you deliver a high-quality, sought-after product at an exceptionally affordable manufacturing cost.

Yours sincerely
Krzysztof Majka