glyceride emulsifiers

Emulsifiers belong to mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids without the addition of standardising substances or fillers, specifically prepared mono- and diglyceride of carefully selected fraction of hydrogenated fatty acids. They stabilise the water-protein-fat emulsion even at low dosage and considerably improve the quality of the finished product. They reduce heat processing losses - a greater quantity of free water is physically bound as an emulsion, this prevents the migration of fat and water in homogenised, finely and medium minced products (as an addition to chopped binding batter), which is efficient during the process of stabilising fat in sterilised canned meats (it prevents undesirable deposits of fat and jelly in patés), guarantees stable consistency and structure of the product even with raw material of unstable quality.

To obtain a proper quality of batter, intensive, mechanical distribution of emulsifier in the entire batter (or emulsion) volume is required; if it is not fed during the homogenisation in the bowl cutter, we recommend mixing the emulsifier with water and pouring it into a mixer or tumbler to assure proper distribution of emulsifier. Next, the batter should be homogenised in a pass-through cutter or a colloid mill.
Recommended dosage: 0.1 to 0.5% of batter weight.